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Steve Miller band mate Norton Buffalo loses his battle with cancer at age 58

November 2, 2009


Norton Buffalo, a singer-songwriter and the harmonica player for the Steve Miller Band since 1975, died Friday, Oct. 30, at the age of 58. Buffalo first wrote about being diagnosed with lung cancer in September after feeling ill following a concert. After his personal doctor mistakenly told him that his lungs sounded fine, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the lower right lobe, with a subsequent MRI revealing that it had spread to his brain.

Born Sept. 28, 1951 in Oakland, Calif., Buffalo played with the Steve Miller Band for 34 years and performed with the group on its 2009 summer tour. As a session player, Norton’s harmonica was heard on records by the likes of the Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, Mickey Hart, Commander Cody and Elvin Bishop.He also recorded several albums with the Stampede and appeared in several movies. He issued his solo debut, ‘Lovin’ in the Valley of the Moon’, on Capitol Records in 1977. A year later, he dropped ‘Desert Horizon’. Norton also led his own band, the Knockouts, and teamed with blues slide guitarist Roy Rogers for ‘R&B,’ which included the Grammy-nominated track ‘Song for Jessica.’

Just ahead of his passing, Buffalo wrote, “While the tumor in my lung has receded a little bit, a couple of the tumors in my brain have grown. My doctors are now talking about the next step being full brain radiation and believe that I should begin that ASAP. [We] are doing research into that as we speak and we are, as well, looking for insight, personal experiences and/or more knowledge or alternatives that any of you may have regarding that.”

Buffalo is survived by his wife; children, Aisah and Elias; stepchildren, Sierra Ruelas and Bo Winterburn; father, Ken Jackson of Paradise; and five brothers and sisters. Funeral arrangements are pending.

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Patrick Swayze the Dancer Movie Star actor was also a Singer!

September 19, 2009


As we all know by now, Movie Actor legend Patrick Swayze passed away this past week on Monday after a very long battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze’s career included memorable roles in “The Outsiders”, “Dirty Dancing,” “Road House,” “Ghost” and “Point Break,”only naming a few.He had recently starred in the tv series “The Beast.” Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and was initially given only six months to live, but he continued working with a will to live.Back in January 2009, Swayze gave an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters about his battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He had been diagnosed with the disease back in January 2008.”You can bet that I’m going through Hell,” Swayze recently told Walters. “And I’ve only seen the beginning of it. There’s a lot of fear here. There’s a lot of stuff going on. Yeah, I’m scared. Yeah, I’m angry. Yeah, I’m asking, ‘Why me?’

She\’s like the wind official music video

It really blows my mind for me to know that not many people, at least of this generation, knew that not only was Patrick Swayze the big movie star that played lead roles in movies like “Ghost” & “Dirty Dancing” but was also a singer. In fact, one of the biggest theme songs from his movie “Dirty Dancing” was a song called “She’s like the wind” sung by Patrick himself & was co written by him along with singer songwriter Wendy Fraser,who also sings on the track. His contribution to the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack, “She’s Like the Wind,” spent several weeks near the top of the Billboard Hot 100.He also termed the slang word Ditto from the blockbuster Movie “Ghost” along with lead co-star Demo Moore.Patrick also earned the title,sexiest man alive by the polls on People’s Magazine,which in his humble ways was honored but did not let it go to his head .He left his mark in this world & will be missed by many.





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Janet Jackson Speaks about her Brother

September 9, 2009


“My brother is, I mean was … You have to forgive me, because it’s really hard to believe he’s passed.
Janet Jackson lost her older brother on June 25 in a blow to America’s most famous musical family. Now, for the first time since his death, the clan’s youngest sibling is opening up in Harper’s Bazaar magazine about the devastating loss and its fallout, her bond with Michael and she reveals personal memories about the King of Pop including their last hours together.

“We had so much fun that day,” she said of May 14, the last day she saw Michael. The family was having a big get together, complete with rowdy kids and a Thai food meal. “We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was.””He loved to laugh. The last time we were together, he’d laugh so hard, he would just start crying. Sometimes his humor would be corny, sometimes dry. He loved the Three Stooges, he loved slapstick, he loved Eddie Murphy in his silly comedies. He loved to have fun. He loved to play.You know, I never look back on what I’ve done unless I’m asked, but I remember Mike saying, ‘You need to stop and enjoy it. Think about everything you’ve done, all that you’ve accomplished’ … But there’s so much more I want to do.”

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12,937 Jackson fans break the ‘Guinness World Records’ with Thriller Dance

August 31, 2009

Though the tragic death of Michael Jackson was over two months ago, the entertainer’s birthday was celebrated with light hearts across America. In Las Vegas, the King of Pop was posthumously awarded a star on the Palms Casino Resort’s Walk of Fame. On the day Jackson would have turned 51, director Spike Lee threw a party in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, where fans turned out in the thousands despite pouring rain. In Mexico, fans hosted their own massive celebration, gathering in record numbers to honor the ‘Thriller’ singer with a mass dance extravaganza.

CBC News reports that 12,937 Jackson fans gathered in front of Mexico City’s Monument of the Revolution to participate in a giant ‘Thriller’ dance, led by a Jackson impersonator. Organizers claim the event broke the world record for most people doing the dance, which the ‘Guinness World Records’ books will confirm in a week.In Brooklyn, thousands gathered on the wet grass, NY Daily News reports, and danced to hits spanning Jackson’s entire career, from his early days with the Jackson Five to his most recent songs.”Fifty-one years ago, he was born into the world,” said Lee, who directed Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ music video. “I’m like everybody else – somebody who loved his talent. We’re here to celebrate Michael Jackson.”
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Thriller Michael Jackson Dance Mexico City 

Les Paul,An American Innovator

August 30, 2009

AMERICAN MASTERS - Les Paul: Chasing Sound Les Paul, who invented the solid-body electric guitar later wielded by a legion of rock ‘n’ roll greats,died Thursday (Aug. 13 2009) of complications from pneumonia. He was 94.

Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009) was an American innovator, inventor, musician and songwriter. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which “made the sound of rock and roll possible”.[1] He is credited with many recording innovations, including overdubbing (also known as sound on sound),[2] delay effects such as tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording.[3]
His innovative talents extended into his playin g style, including licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting techniques and timing, which set him apart from his contemporaries and inspired many of the guitarists of the present day.
[4]He recorded with his wife Mary Ford in the 1950s and they sold millions of records.
Among his many honors, Paul is one of a handful of artists with a permanent, stand-alone exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is prominently named by the music museum on its website as an “architect” and a “key inductee” along with Sam Phillips and Alan Freed.


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